Our System

The Revelstoke Property Services system has been set up and fine tuned to accomplish our main goal…taking the worry out of owning a rental property in Revelstoke.

Our full service program saves you time, effort and money. It reduces property vacancy while ensuring the tenants that are selected are great, so that your cash flow is maximized.

Below is the Revelstoke Property Service difference:

  1. Property Preparation & Property Evaluation
    When viewing your property tenants are looking for a clean, well looked after environment to live in. If your property is presented in its best shape, it will increase the potential of higher rental income.– Suggestion of cosmetic improvements to increase rent

    • Suggestion of future renovations to substantially increase rent
    • House staging (if furnished)
    • Curb appeal improvements for increasing first impressions
  2. Determine Optimal Rental Amount
    We have experience in the rental market here and help you set a fair rental amount that will attract the right tenant and maximize your income.
  3. Advertising Your Property
    Revelstoke Property Services has the most thorough and integrated marketing plan for rentals of any management company in Revelstoke. Let us market your property and take all the worry out of posting and re-posting on popular sites.

    • Our website
    • Social media
    • Classifieds
    • Stoke List
    • Kijiji
    • News Papers
    • Signage
    • Radio
  4. Tenant Screening
    This can be a very tedious and time consuming endeavor, but is the most important part of the tenant placement process and imperative to finding great renters. Revelstoke Property Services look forward to screening all of your potential tenants.
    Click Here to view our in depth 10 point tenant screening process.
  5. Property Showing
    In some cases properties will be shown up to 10 times before finding the perfect match. Scheduling, meeting and showing properties can be a time consuming and draining endeavor. Let our team free up this time for you.
  6. Lease and Amendment Creation
    Every property, tenant and owner is different. There is no standard lease that works for every home. The Residential Tenancy Branch of the BC government has basic Tenancy Agreements that must be met, but lack full coverage to protect you from anything above and beyond the basics. Let our team put together a lease agreement that is perfect for your property and offers the legal protection your home deserves.
  7. Handling of Tenant Move In Day
    On move in day we put in the extra time and effort to ensure the following:– Tenant signs off on exact condition of the property before their occupancy

    • Tenant signs off on condition of all furniture and fixtures if furnished
    • Tenant signs off on all specific amendments pertaining to your property (i.e. chimney sweeping schedule, re-fill of oil furnace, date of utility switch)
    • We ensure the tenant understands their lease and responsibilities as it pertains to your property in full.
  8. Rental / Security Deposit Collections and Disbursement
    Weather the tenant chooses to pay electronically, by checque or with cash, it makes no difference as you will receive your direct deposit on the 10th of every month. No more worrying about chasing tenants down for rent. If needed, this is our job.
  9. Monthly and Year End Accounting Statements
    We make your book work easier with up to date and timely reporting.
  10. Regular 14, 30 or 60 day property inspections
    Revelstoke Property Services will speak with your insurance broker to find out what inspection schedule they expect for your coverage to continue and so you can receive your property management discount. Every inspection is also followed up with a full report for your records.
  11. Tenant Evictions / CollectionsIf rents are not paid, we take the necessary steps to receive payment. If the tenant is still negligent of payment, then with your approval we begin the eviction process following the rules of the British Columbia Landlord and Tenant Board and keep you informed of all aspects of the process.
  12. Repair and Maintenance Management
    From plumbing to gas and electrical, our property checks and tenant training ensure an early detection to problems, so they can be fixed in a timely manner. When something does need repair our team will take care of everything that you approve. We have a large contractor database and solid report to make sure your job gets taken care of in a timely fashion.
  13. 24 / 7 Emergency Service
    Because no one wants to deal with a burst water pipe at 2 AM in the morning. Except us.