Tenant Screening Process

The most important part of renting any property is finding a great tenant. Great tenants pay their rent on time, leave the property as it was found (or better) and blend in with your neighbors. A great tenant makes all the difference… here is how we find them for you.

The Revelstoke Property Services 10 step tenant screening process:

  1. Properly worded ads – It’s not the quantity of potential tenants that apply, but the quality of  a tenant that counts – a well worded ad can screen bad tenants right from the start.
  2. All tenants must fill out a lengthy application form (this immediately weeds out tenants with poor references and patchy work histories)
  3. Check government ID and S.I.N # to ensure that the potential tenant we are working with is who they say they are on the application.
  4. Tenants current and last two work supervisors are contacted as references.
  5. Two more references (past landlords, bankers, past neighbors etc.) that the tenant has given are contacted to get a full understanding of the tenants character.
  6. Review of why the tenant is moving, what they intend to do in town and what property would be perfect for them.
  7. Tenant interview is set up (at our office, or during showing) where the tenant is evaluated on a 20 point system – includes such things as; appearance, attitude manners, smoking, criticisms of the property etc.
  8. Credit Check (* upon agreement of tenant and request of owner)
  9. Criminal Check (* upon agreement of tenant and request of owner)
  10. Instinct Check – if when we meet with the tenant and our instincts are thrown off, it may be best to pass. We have met a lot of tenants good and bad. Sometimes you can just tell a person is being dishonest. For example: Does the tenant have a problem with the deposits or are they trying to rush the singing process? This can be an indication of a tenant trying to move things forward with urgency and sneak into a rental unit.